The habitats of this species include some of the most scenic places in North America.
Kayenta and Wingate Sandstone cliffs
along the Colorado River, UT
San Rafael Swell Desert, UT
Alpine habitat, WY Navajo Sandstone habitat
of southeastern Utah
Granite Mt, CA
(fordi habitat)
Long Cyn. near
Moab Utah
Gold Butte, NV
Mohave Desert
Columbia River Gorge, OR
Soda Mts, CA Granite Formations of eastern Wyoming
and South Dakota
Navajo sandstone outcrop
amongst Permian limestone in NV
Navajo sandstone
common to UT
Navajo sandstone habitat nr.
Gunlock Res., St. George, UT
P. indra habitat across the Colorado River
from Frutia, CO. Lomatium eastwoodii
grows along the Morrison formation slopes.
Snake River, near Huntington, OR, Good P. indra country. June 13, 2002


  Columbia River Gorge. Basaltic columns.


Red pinnacle at Grand Canyon - Parashant National Monument, Mojave Co, AZ.   Campsite in the Ouayhee Mountains of southwest Idaho where P. indra were right at the tent door.