Larval Food Plants
  L. grayi

  L. grayi var. depauperatum (Gray's Buiscuitroot) (dark pink)

Lomatium grayi's aroma is indistinguishable from celery, much like L. californicum. Larvae from these populations will switch to other food plants, but do not switch other Indra populations to L. grayi var. depauperatum. They usually die.

L. grayi var. depauperatum L. grayi var. depauperatum
L. grayi var. undescribed (Columbia River Gorge) Note the large number of immature seed heads on 20 May 1999.
Klickitat Valley, WA, June 11, 2002. Here the LPF is a robust and different variety of Lomatium grayi that has not been documented in the botanical literature. It is quite different than the L. grayi var. grayi and L. g. var. depauperatum in both growth form, aroma, and geographic range. See the following four photos, all taken June 11, 2002:

Terry by L. grayi var. ? for size comparison.

L. grayi var. ? close up

Devon gathering dried seeds for study.

L. grayi var. ? close up