Queen Elizabeth I Portrait

The Queen Elizabeth I Society aims to bring together scholars interested in the Queen and in the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and religious life of her court so that we can share ideas, develop professional friendships, and work together on collaborative projects. We welcome specialists in art, history, literature, music, politics, philosophy, and all other relevant fields.

The 2016 Queen Elizabeth I Society Annual Meeting will be held in
St. Louis, Missouri, March 24-26, 2016, in conjunction with the South Central Renaissance Conference. 

All scholars of sixteenth-century history and culture are encouraged to submit a 400–500 word abstract for the next annual meeting by December 15, 2015

Submitting an abstract: All abstracts must be submitted via the South Central Renaissance Conference website. When asked, “Submit abstract to which organization," choose QEIS from the pull-down menu, and fill out the form. Then immediately send a brief email giving the title of the paper and the date you submitted the abstract to Carole Levin.

Paper presentations are limited to 20 minutes. 

All papers accepted for the QEIS conference will be eligible for the Agnes Strickland Prize for best essay. To be considered for this prize, please send a copy of your conference paper to levin829@yahoo.com by March 1, 2016.  


Image of Elizabeth I credit Wikimedia Commons.

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