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Hybrid Speciation
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Research Questions in 2003

  1. How extensive is ITS sequence additivity in B. glabella, B. longii, and B. fernaldii?
  2. Does ITS sequence additivity occur in other Braya species?
  3. Can patterns of additivity be used to infer parental lineages?

Preliminary Results

  • ITS sequence in B. thorid-wulffii appears constant at all 11 test sites
  • ITS sequence in B. humulis/linearis/alpina appear to be constant at all 11 test sites, but different from B. thorid-wulffii
  • All B. glabella individuals are variable at all 11 sites
  • This revelation in B. glabella provides strong evidence of recent hybridization
  • The high degree of sequence variability may provide new insight into the process of concerted evolution