Previous Research

1975-1977:  I conducted baseline sampling of macroinvertebrates

in Piceance Creek, Colorado, as part of an EPA study to evaluate

potential impacts of oil shale development on water quality.  

Publications:  Gray and Ward (1979); Gray, Ward, Martinson, and  Bergey (1983) 

Piceance Creek, Garfield County, Colorado (winter 1976)



1977-1980:  I was part of Dr. Stuart Fisher's original research

group that examined stream succession after flash flooding

in Sycamore Creek, Arizona. 

Publications:  Gray (1981), Gray and Fisher (1981), Fisher, Gray, Grimm, and Busch (1982),

                     Fisher and Gray (1983) 


Sycamore Creek, canyon reach (Spring 1977)


Sycamore Creek, Dos S site, during high flow in winter 1979.



1980-82:  I conducted a study on the North Platte River at

Guernsey, Wyoming, that examined effects of sediment releases

from Guernsey Reservoir on macroinvertebrates.

Publications: Gray and Ward (1982, 1983) 

North Platte River at Guernsey Reservoir.



1981-82:  I also participated in a study of acid mine drainage

impacts on several streams of central Colorado.

Publication:  Gray and Ward (1983) 


                                                (left)      Kerber Creek, Colorado                           

                                         (middle)     SEM of an alder leaf with "yellowboy" (iron oxide deposits)

                                                              from acid mine drainage in Kerber Creek

                                            (right)      SEM of an alder leaf from an unpolluted stream reach

                                                              showing fungal hyphae



1983-1984:  A quick study of Rattlesnake Creek in west-central Kansas. 

Publication:  Gray and Johnson (1988)

Rattlesnake Creek, Stafford County, Kansas


1984-1998:  I  was part of the Aquatics research group at Konza Prairie

My own research involved examining the importance of emerging

aquatic insects to riparian birds along Kings Creek. 

Later, I assisted with the LINX research on nitrogen cycling in Kings Creek. 

Publications:  Gray (1989, 1993, 1997); Gray and Dodds (1998), Gray et al. (1998), Evans-White et al. (2001), Dodds et al. (2001)

Kings Creek valley at Konza Prairie


Kings Creek near USGS gauging station



1998-2002:  I examined the impact of urban runoff on the lower Provo River.   

Publication:  Gray (2004) 


Provo River near the mouth of Provo Canyon.