Dr. Bill Dinklage, 
    Department of Earth Science, Utah Valley State College
Welcome to my Homepage!

I am the mineralogist/petrologist at UVSC. I specialize in metamorphic rocks and the relationship between mineral growth and development of metamorphic fabric during deformation, but I have also worked with students on fractures and veins in the footwall of the Wasatch Fault and on rhyolite porphyry dikes in the Wasatch Intrusive Belt. Click on the photos on the left to learn more.

In-service teachers have also worked with me doing summer research, and there is a summer course here at UVSC that teachers can take to get credit for it. Click on the "Research with teachers" link to learn more about this.

Lastly, I have gotten increasingly interested in global climate change, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Click on the "Energy issues" link on the left to read more about these interests.