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I speak to you today not with any sense of futility, but with the
panicky conviction of the absolute meaninglessness of existence,
which could easily be misinterpreted as pessimism.

Woody Allen, in My Address to the Graduates

My Schedule Spring 2016
Class Schedule T, Th
POLS 3000Political Analysis8:30 AM -  9:45 AM
POLS 1010Introduction to Political Science10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
POLS 3120Political Parties2:30 PM -  3:45 PM
Office Hours T, Th   11:30 AM -  2:30 PM
My Classes
Course Home Pages POLS 1010 - Introduction to Political Science
POLS 1100 - American National Government
POLS 2120 - Political Parties
POLS 3000 - Political Analysis
POLS 3150 - US Presidency
POLS 3180 - Public Opinion and Political Behavior
POLS 3200 - US Congress

My Research
Election Forecasting My Election Forecasting Website
Adobe Acrobat Reader Required"State and National Polls in Forecasting Presidential Elections"
2008 Western Political Science Association Meeting

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required"Forecasting the 2006 Gubernatorial Elections: Post-mortem."
2007 Western Political Science Association Meeting

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required"State Polls and National Forces: Forecasting in Gubernatorial Election Outcomes"
2006 Midwest Political Science Association National Meeting

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required"Forecasting the 2004 Presidential Election with State Trial-Heat Polls"
2005 Midwest Political Science Association National Meeting

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required"Statewide Trial-Heat Polls and the 2000 Presidential Election: A Forecast Model."
Social Science Quarterly.  84: 561-573.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required "Using State Polls to Forecast Presidential Election Outcomes in the American States"
1999 International Journal of Forecasting.  15: 137-142.
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UVU Pages Jay A. DeSart - Professional Homepage
Department of History and Political Science
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Science Organizations
American Political Science Association
Midwest Political Science Association
Southern Political Science Association
Western Political Science Association
American Association of Public Opinion Research


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