Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Powerpoint Presentation

Two versions of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami powerpoint presentation given at UVSC are available below. They are intended for both personal use or downloading for use in public education. Please contact me at bundsmi *[at]* uvu *[dot]* edu before downloading, and please only download them for use in public education. If you use the presentation, please credit me (Dr. Michael Bunds) and especially the Department of Earth Science at Utah Valley University

Version 1: This is a complete powerpoint file that is downloadable or can be viewed with most browsers. The file is 15 mb, which is quite large and unsuitable for phone modem connections. The file should load in about 1 to 5 minutes over a highspeed broadband cable or DSL connection (it takes 1.5 minutes on my home highspeed DSL). Click here to view or download the file.

Version 2: Alternatively, click on the following links to view the slides from the presentation. Each slide appears as a thumbnail below; clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger version of the slide. These slides are smaller jpeg files and will load more quickly.