Introduction to Meteorology Handouts and Homeworks

This page was updated 2/16/11

Required Homework Exercise 1: Assessing weather forecast quality. (due 1/31 spring '11)
The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate the quality of weather forecasts by monitoring the forecasts for an upcoming day for a week.

Required Homework Exercise Two (due 1/26 spring '11)
This exercise involves examining record and average high and low temperatures in Salt Lake City, San Francisco and San Jose.

Required Homework Exercise Three (due 2/23/11 spring '11)
In this exercise you will graph and calculate the environmental lapse rate for the Salt Lake/Utah Valley area.

Required Homework Exercise Four (not yet assigned spring '11)
In this exercise you will draw isobars across a map of the U.S. Be sure to use the handout below.

This handout gives rules and hints for drawing isobars and isotherms, and includes a completed example.

Geology and Meteorology Information Resources
This is a list of websites, books and journals that provide sources of information for extra credit
papers and exploration of Geology and Meteorology beyond the course. Also see the 'web links' link on the left side bar.