Introduction to Geology Handouts

Below are links to handouts that go with the regular Introduction to Geology class. We may not go over all of them in Honors, but you may find them useful none the less.

Geology Information Resources
This is a list of websites, books and journals that provide sources of information for extra credit
papers and exploration of Geology beyond the course.

A Brief History of the Earth
This is the brief list of major events in the Earth's history that we went over in class.

The Earth's Interior Structure 
This is a a summary of the Earth's interior structure - both its compositional and mechanical layering.

Plate Boundary Processes
This is a summary table of geologic processes that occur at the three types of plate boundaries.

Illustrations of a Subduction Zone and Divergent Plate Boundary
This document contains diagrams of a typical subduction zone and divergent plate boundary, similar to the ones that we drew in class.

Classification of Igneous Rocks
This is the modified version of figure 3.7 from your textbook that we looked at in class.

Magma Formation Illustration
This handout illustrates and briefly describes the causes of partially melting and the origin of magma at subuction zones, divergent plate boundaries and hot spots.

Volcanic Processes Summary
This document summarizes how magma is created and the types of volcanism that result at mid-ocean ridges, hot spots and subduction zones.

Volcanic Processes Summary Table
This table is similar to the one we created in class that lists, for hot spots and subduction zones, the melting mechanism that creates magma, the characteristics of the magma created, and so on through to the types of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions that result.

Long Valley Caldera
This is a summary of past and present volcanic activity in the vicinity of Long Valley and Mammoth Mountain, California.

Weathering and Erosion Notes
The material that we couldn't properly go over on Wednesday, 3/5 as a result of the power outage is summarized on this handout.

Sedimentary Rock Resources
The most important resources that we get from sedimentary rocks are listed on this handout, and the formation of coal and oil is described.

Iraqi Oil
This document summarizes the important information from the class lecture on the geologic origin of oil in Iraq.  It will help you answer the study guide questions.

Metamorphic Rock Processes
Summarizes the types of change that occur in rocks during metamorphism, and the major types of regional metamorphism at convergent plate boundaries.