Honors Introduction to Geology
Field and Lab Exercise Worksheets

Below are links to the worksheets for the exercises that we have completed this semester.

Exercise 1 - The University Parkway Roadcut

Exercise 2 - Introduction to Minerals and Igneous Rocks

Exercise 3 - Igneous Rocks in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Exercise 4 - Weathering, Erosion and Sedimentation in Rock Canyon

Exercise 5 - Sedimentary Rocks and Oil Prospecting in Rock Canyon

Handout to go with exercise 5

Map to go with exercises 4 and 5

Exercise 6 - Deformation of Rocks in Rock Canyon

Exercise 7 - Building of the Wasatch Mountains

Exercise 8 - Wasatch Fault Earthquakes at Rock Canyon

Exercise 8 Supplementary Handout

Exercise 9 - Santaquin Debris Flows

Exercise 10 - Mass Wasting in Sherwood Hills - the handout for this exercise is not available

Exercise 11 - Glaciation at Bells and Little Cottonwood Canyons

Exercise 12 - Lake Bonneville and Point of the Mountain