Below you will find the complete weekly schedule for assignments and readings. Written assignments are due at the beginning of class; readings are to be prepared outside of class--please read all materials carefully, underline important sections, and always bring all texts to class.


Wed. Aug. 22nd

Introduction & Syllabus

Fri. Aug. 24th

Foucault "Madness & Society"

Mon. Aug. 27th

Felman, "Foucault/Derrida"

Wed. Aug. 29th

Felman, "Foucault/Derrida

Fri. Aug. 31st

Porter, Madness, Chapters 1 and 2, pp. 1-33

Mon. Sept. 3rd


Wed. Sept. 5th

Porter, Madness, Chapters 3-5, pp. 34-122

Fri. Sept. 7th

Porter, Madness, Chapters 6-9, pp. 123-218

Mon. Sept. 10th

Response Day
Response Paper #1 due

Wed. Sept. 12th

Foucault Madness and Civilization, Preface, pp. v-xii

Fri. Sept. 14th

Foucault, Chapter 1, pp. 3-37

Mon. Sept. 17th

Foucault, Ch. 1 continued

Wed. Sept. 19th

Foucault, Ch. 2, pp. 38-64

Fri. Sept. 21st

Foucault, Ch. 2 continued

Mon. Sept. 24th

Foucault, Ch. 3, pp. 65-84

Wed. Sept. 26th

Foucault, Ch. 3, continued (pp. 78-84)

Fri. Sept. 28th

Foucault, Ch. 4, pp. 85-116

Mon. Oct. 1st

Discussion of paper topics

Wed. Oct. 3rd

Response Day
Response Paper #2 Due

Fri. Oct. 5th

Foucault, Ch. 5, 117-158

Mon. Oct. 8th

Foucault, Ch. 6, pp. 159-198

Wed. Oct. 10th

Pinel, Preface, Introduction, pp. xv-lv, and
"Ideotismů" pp. 165-171

Fri. Oct. 12th


Mon. Oct. 15th

Foucault, Ch. 7, pp. 199-220

Wed. Oct. 17th

Foucault, Ch. 8, pp. 221-240

Fri. Oct. 19th

Foucault, Ch. 9, pp. 241-278

Mon. Oct. 22nd

Foucault, Conclusion, pp. 279-289

Wed. Oct 24th

Response Day
Response Paper #3 due

Fri. Oct. 26th

The Idiot, pp. 5-118

Mon. Oct. 29th

The Idiot, pp. 118-203

Wed. Oct. 31st

The Idiot, pp. 203-321

Fri. Nov. 2nd

Reread pp. 223-236

Mon. Nov. 5th

The Idiot, pp. 236-321

Wed. Nov. 7th

The Idiot, pp. 325-387

Fri. Nov. 9th

The Idiot, pp. 387-457

Mon. Nov. 12th

The Idiot, pp. 461-538

Wed. Nov. 14th

The Idiot, pp. 539-615 (End)

Fri. Nov. 16th

Frank, Dostoevsky, "The Idiot"

Mon. Nov. 19th

Response Day
Response Paper #4 Due

Wed. Nov. 21st


Fri. Nov. 23rd


Mon. Nov. 26th

Sacks, "The Case of the Colorblind Painter" pp. 3-41

Wed. Nov. 28th

Sacks, "An Anthropologist on Mars" pp. 244-296
Final Paper Proposals
One-on-one conferences

Fri. Nov. 30th

Kafka, "A Report to an Academy" pp. 81-96

Mon. Dec. 3rd

Kafka, "A Reportů" continued

Wed. Dec. 5th

Final Paper due

Wed. Dec. 12

Final Exam in the classroom


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