Kafka and Poststructuralism

Below you will find the complete weekly schedule for assignments and readings. Written assignments are due at the beginning of class; readings are to be prepared outside of class--please read all materials super carefully, underline important sections, and always bring all texts to class. This schedule might be changed if the need arises and it's the students' responsibility to keep track of changes. Note: a DEJ (Double Entry Journal) is due at the beginning of every class period, except when we have a paper due. More info on DEJs can be found under the "assignments" tab.

WeekDateReading/Work Due
1Wed Jan 5Introductions
2Mon Jan 10Batuman (pdf)
Kafka, "The Judgment" and "Unhappiness"
Wed Jan 12Belsey (pdf)
3Mon Jan 17No class-Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
Wed Jan 19Kundera (pdf)
Kafka, "Descriptions of a Struggle"
4Mon Jan 24Re-read "Descriptions of a Struggle"
Martel, Beatrice and Virgil (pdf)
Kafka, "The Great Wall of China" and "A Crossbreed [A Sport]"
Wed Jan 26Nietzsche (pdf)
5Mon Jan 31Paper #1 due (No DEJ)
Wed Feb 2Kafka, "Investigations of a Dog"
6Mon Feb 7Kafka, The Castle, "Publishe's Note," "Translator's Preface,"
and pp. 1-17
Wed Feb 9Kafka, The Castle, pp. 18-43
7Mon Feb 14Kafka, The Castle, pp. 44-106
Wed Feb 16Kafka, The Castle, pp. 107-161
8Mon Feb 21No class--President's Day
Wed Feb 23Kafka, The Castle, pp. 162-end
9Mon Feb 28Martel, "The Messiah Who Comes and Goes" (pdf)
--> Download and print the html (online) version under "syllabus"
Wed Mar 2More discussion of The Castle and Martel
10Mon Mar7Paper #2 due (No DEJ)
Wed Mar 9Begley, pp. 1-74
11Mon Mar 14Begley, pp. 75-end
Wed Mar 16No class--Spring Break
12Mon Mar 21Kafka, "In the Penal Colony"--DEJ just on this!!
Reread Begley, pp. 154-161
Optional: Watt (pdf)--especially Excursion I (pp. 96-99)
Wed Mar 23Reread "In the Penal Colony"--complete two DEJ entries
"The Hunger Artist"--complete one DEJ entry
13Mon Mar 28Foucault (pdf)
Wed Mar 30More discussion of Foucault
14Mon Apr 4Re-read Foucault very carefully!!
Three more DEJs due.
Wed Apr 6Derrida (pdf)--read first 20 pages! 
15Mon Apr 11Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks
Wed Apr 13Kafka, "A Report to an Academy," "The Cares of a Family Man," "Prometheus," and "On Parables"
16Mon Apr 18Blanchot (pdf)
Wed Apr 20More discussion of Blanchot
Finals' Week
Mon Apr 25
1-3 pm
Final Paper due in class

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