Comm 3400, Film Theory

Fall  2005 MWF 1-1:50 ∙ LA 019



Please prepare all readings before class.  An alphabetized list of all the readings and instructions on how to access them can be found under "overview" on this web site. 





Work Due


Wed Aug 24





Fri Aug 26

Denby, "Dirty Business"



Mon Aug 29

Stuart Hall, "Introduction"

 Movie screening The Truman Show. Tuesday, Aug. 30, 7 pm in LA 019


Wed Aug 31

Roberts and Wallis, "Bringing It All Together"



Fri Sep 2

Charles Taylor, "The Boy in the Celluloid Bubble"

Richard Alleva, "Two Kinds of Paranoia"



Mon Sep 5

Labor Day--no class



Wed Sep 7

Corrigan, Preface and Chapter 1, pp. ix-16

Movie review of The Truman Show


Fri Sep 9

Corrigan, Chapter 2, pp. 17-34



Mon Sep 12

Corrigan, Chapter 3, pp. 35-79



Wed Sep 14

Dinello, "We, Robots"

Movie screening Blade Runner


Fri Sep 16

Doll and Faller, "Blade Runner and Genre"



Mon Sep 19

Tiitsman, "If Only You Could See What I've Seen With Your Eyes"

Movie review of Blade Runner


Wed Sep 21

More discussion of Tiitsman and Doll & Faller



Fri Sep 23

Corrigan, Chapter 4, pp. 79-105



Mon Sep 26

Corrigan, Chapter 5, pp. 106-123



Wed Sep 28

Find a movie review of Fifth Element and bring it to class

Movie screening The Fifth Element


Fri Sep 30

Nigel Floyd, "Infinite City"



Mon Oct 3

Byron Hawk, "Hyperrhetoric and the Inventive Spectator: Remotivating The Fifth Element"

Movie review of The Fifth Element


Wed Oct 5

Instructor at conference--no class



Fri Oct 7

Instructor at conference--no class



Mon Oct 10

Corrigan, Chapter 7, pp. 154-170



Wed Oct 12

Visosevic, "Tremors of Postmodern Spectatorship"

Movie screening Lost Highway in LA 020


Fri Oct 14

Discussion of Lost Highway

Midterm paper: Critical Essay


Mon Oct 17

Steven Shaviro, "Intrusions"

Movie review of Lost Highway


Wed Oct 19

More discussion of Shaviro



Fri Oct 21

Fall Break--no class



Mon Oct 24

Wood, "Written on the Wind"



Wed Oct 26

Heller, "Pulp Fiction"

Movie screening Pulp Fiction


Fri Oct 28

no class!



Mon Oct 31

Davis, "Shepherding the Weak"

Movie review of Pulp Fiction 


Wed Nov 2

More discussion of Davis



Fri Nov 4

hooks, "Cool Cynicism"

Guest Speaker



Mon Nov 7

Corrigan, Chapter 6, pp. 124-153



Wed Nov 9

Discussion of research

Movie screening The Silence of the Lambs


Fri Nov 11

Vorndam, "The Silence of the Lambs"



Mon Nov 14

Fahy "Killer Culture"

 Movie review of The Silence of the Lambs


Wed Nov 16

More discussion of Fahy



Fri Nov 18

Grixti, "Consuming Cannibals"



Mon Nov 21

More discussion of Grixti



Wed Nov 23

Thanksgiving Holiday--no class




Fri Nov 25

Thanksgiving Holiday--no class



Mon Nov 28

Hill, "Film and Postmodernism"



Wed Nov 30

More discussion of Hill

Movie screening Run Lola Run



Fri Dec 2

Majer O'Sickey, "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets"



Mon Dec 5

More discussion of Sickey

Movie review of Run Lola Run


Wed Dec 7

Peer review of final paper



Fri Dec 9

Study DayŚNo class


Finals Week

Final Exam TBA 


Final exam in the classroom

Final draft of final paper (Theoretical Essay) due in class