Chapter 3, Corrigan: Chapter Outline



1. Connections between the movies and other artistic traditions, such as literature and painting

·        narrative (story: the events that are presented or that can be inferred; plot: arrangement or construction of those events in a certain order)

·        characters

·        point of view


2. The theatrical dimension of the film image, its mise-en-scène

·        illusion of realism

·        mise-en-scène [mèn sen]

-   settings and sets

-   acting styles

-   costumes

-   lighting  

3. The composition of the movie, camera positions and editing

-         photographic properties (tone, film speed, various perspectives created by the image)

-         film speed

-         perspective

-         frame (high angle, low angle, canted frame, close-ups, medium shots, long shots, combination of shots, off-screen space, moving frame, reframing, crane shots, tilting shots, tracking shots, hand-held shots,


-         editing pace or rhythm

-         sequence

-         shot/reverse shot or shot/countershot


4.  Sound