English Scholarly Forum serves as part of an effort in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to more effectively involve students in the academic life of the campus and provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary exploration and critical reflection. The college has also created a website resource for student use in connection to participating events.

Student Engagement Initiative website:  http://www.uvu.edu/chss/studentengagement/events/

Course Information

Instructor: Christa Albrecht-Crane, Ph.D.
Spring 2012
Office: LA 126f
Office phone: 801.863.6286
Email: christaa@uvu.edu
Office Hours: MW 1-2 and W 3-4

Syllabus in .pdf format: syllabus.pdf

Course Description

According to UVU's course catalog, this course is intended for students who are interested in literature, language and literacy, or planning on an English major. It aims to increase awareness and appreciation of literature through reading, writing, and experiencing literary works.

More specifically, this course offers students in the English Department an opportunity to participate in the academic life of Utah Valley University by attending and critically reflecting upon select academic events including conferences, lectures,  colloquia, symposia, workshops, reading groups, etc. As a form of engaged learning, students are able to integrate their classroom learning with topical events through exposure to scholars and practitioners on a wide range of issues and from a variety of perspectives. 

Course Objectives

This course targets the following learning objectives:

  1. to expose students to an interdisciplinary and engaged approach to higher education

  2. to challenge students to think critically about ethical and cultural issues as they manifest themselves in relation to politics, economics, history, popular culture, media, religion, ethnic diversity, etc.

  3. to enable students to understand and coherently articulate a variety of perspectives on complex issues

  4. to stimulate appreciation for academic dialogue and its value in strengthening democracy and civil society

Course Requirements and Grading

Students in this course must complete the following requirements:

  1. 1.A mandatory 30-min meeting with the instructor at the beginning of the semester and one meeting  at the end of the semester, as announced via email communication.

  2. 2.Attendance at a minimum of eight participating events during the course of the semester. "Events" are individual sessions, panels, or keynote presentations that are either stand-alone presentations or part of a larger event series. In other words,  a student who attends events in an event series can count attendance at each session or main presentation as a separate event. 

  3. 3.A "summary/response" event paper (800-1000 words) about each event the student has attended, totaling at least eight events over the course of the semester; students should be attending events throughout the semester and turn in event papers a day or two after each event. I will not allow students to "stack" event attendance toward the end of the semester—a student will not be able to count more than one event or event series in any two-week period in a semester. As a result, if a student had not turned in a response paper by week 9 of the semester, the student will not be able to pass the course. I will grade these event papers according to conventional academic writing standards in the discipline of English (including organization, tone, standard English grammar and usage, and MLA documentation).

Grading:   Event Response Papers          50 points each; total 400 points
                        Meetings with me                    25 points each; 50 points
                        Total                                        450 points


Sample of 2011/12 Participating Events at UVU 
(for more information on each event, please view the
college's website mentioned above)

Guest Author Series—English and Literature Department

Conference on Adoption—College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Honors Colloquium—Honors Program

Dialogues on Peace and Justice Studies—Peace and Justice Program

Environmental Ethics Awareness Week—Center for the Study of Ethics

Eugene England Lecture Series—Religious Studies Program

Global Spotlight—International Center

Turning Points in History Lecture Series—Department of History and Political Science

Mormon Studies Conference—Religious Studies Program

International Week—International Center

Kirk Englehard Business Ethics Lecture Series—Center for the Study of Ethics

Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration—College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Presidential Lecture Series—Office of the President

Religion and the Humanities Conference—Religious Studies Program

“It is not when truth is dirty, but when it is shallow, that the lover of knowledge is reluctant to step into its waters.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

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