ENGL 3000: Professional Considerations
for English Majors


Fall 2010

Section A01
MW 11-11:50  LA 102

Syllabus in printable pdf format

Christa Albrecht-Crane, Ph.D.

url: http://research.uvu.edu/albrecht-crane

email: christaa@uvu.edu

office: LA 126F

office hours: MW 1-2; other days/times by appointment

office phone: 801-863-6286

Required Text (available at UVU bookstore)

Tim Lemire, I'm an English Major--Now What? Cincinnati: Writer's Digest Books, 2006. ISBN 1582973628.

Course Description

This course introduces students to the English major at UVSC.  It discusses various career and educational choices that are applicable to an English major.  It also guides students regarding self-assessment and areas of interest within English studies.  The course is structured around lectures, discussions, guest speakers, and student involvement.

Course Goals

At the end of this course students should be able to:

  1. Discuss the differences between creative writing, technical writing, literary studies, and English education emphases
  2. Identify various career tracks available to students with an English major
  3. Analyze their own areas of interest in the field of English studies
  4. Communicate with local professionals who use English studies in their careers
  5. Begin preparing for a future utilizing an English degree

Course Requirements


Attendance is required. If you miss class, talk to a classmate or two and get their notes, then talk to me if you have specific questions about what we covered. Excessive absences (more than two) will lower your grade. Missing more than three classes will result in your failure of the class. Attendance will be taken at the start of every class period, and late arrivals and early departures will count against you. 


Our class sessions will be structured almost exclusively around discussions. The participation grade will be based on the following elements: (1) you arrive on time; (2) you participate actively in class discussion; (3) you have read assigned readings; and (4) you exhibit a respectful and positive attitude towards your peers and the class in general.  

Required Writing:

 A. Career Research Paper

This paper (5 pages), due at the end of class, will focus on an ideal career path a student wants to pursue. Outside sources and one industry interview must be part of the research included in this paper.  Please refer to this handout for more information about the Career Research Paper.

B. Reading Responses


Each reading response is a 350-500 word paper (about 1-2 pages), due on the days indicated in the schedule below. These responses are a brief summary and--primarily--a response to the week's reading. Consider using the paper to pose questions you have about the week's reading and to gauge your interest in the professional and academic paths you might take following graduation. Reading responses cannot be made up in case of an absence. You will receive full credit for these responses only if I get a sense that you read the chapters/essay carefully. 

Important Note:

Please follow MLA formatting guidelines for response papers and the Career Reseach Paper (such as 1-inch margins, Times New Roman size 12 font, titles, double-spacing, etc.). On all MLA matters consult a good writing handbook or the official MLA handbook. At the very least, refer to this handout from the UVU Writing Lab:  http://www.uvu.edu/owl/infor/Style%20Guides-MLA%20Format.pdf

Class Grading:

You must complete all class assignments in order to receive a passing grade.  The course grade will be determined based on the following components:

Attendance and Participation


Reading Responses


Career Research Paper


Final Exam



Writing assignments are due in class at the start of the period on the date indicated on the weekly schedule. Generally, I do not accept late work unless a student faces a real emergency. In the event that I accept late work, I reserve the right to reduce its grade in relation to its lateness—with the minimum penalty of one full letter grade for each day the paper is late.

Reading and Assignment Schedule

WeekDateReading/work due
1Wed 8/25Introduction
2Mon 8/30Print out, read, and bring to class: Mark Slouka, "Dehumanized" (pdf)
Wed 9/1 Discussion: English Dept. web page and
UVU Catalog Department of English
UVU Catalog ENGL Course Descriptions
Reading Response #1 due (about Slouka's essay)
3Mon 9/6No class--Labor Day
Wed 9/8Lemire, "Introduction"  and chapters 1+2
Reading Response #2 due
Discussion and guest speakers: Touchstones
4Mon 9/13Lemire, chapter 3
Discussion: Structure of Academic Departments and Academic Careers
Reading Response #3 due
Wed 9/15Discussion: Graduate School, Part 1
5Mon 9/20Lemire, chapters 4+5
Discussion: Graduate School, Part 2
Guest speaker: Anthony Christensen
Reading Response #4 due
Wed 9/22Discussion and guest speakers: Warp & Weave, and History Journal
6Mon 9/27 Lemire, chapters 6+7 and Appendix V
Discussion: publishing in college
Guest speakers: UV Review
Reading Response #5 due
Wed 9/29 Discussion and guest speaker: Maren Mather, Career Center
7Mon 10/4Lemire, chapters 8+9
Discussion: Courses in the dept.
Reading Response #6 due
Wed 10/6Discussion: Courses and degrees in other departments
8Mon 10/11Lemire, chapter 10 and Appendix II
Discussion: The resume, the CV, and the portfolio
Reading Response #7 due
Wed 10/13Lemire, Appendix I and III
Discussion: Senior Roundtable
Mon 10/18Career Research Paper due
Final exam in the classroom


Additional Class Concerns

Course Calendar:

Students are responsible for reading and keeping up with the weekly course calendar. Please be aware that this schedule is tentative and that it might be changed as we go along. It is your responsibility to make note of such changes when they are announced in class. 

Final Exam:

Students are required to complete a final exam assignment during the scheduled final exam period. Details about the exam will follow in class.

Students with Disabilities:

If you have any disability that may impair your ability to successfully complete this course, please contact the Accessibility Services Department (LC 312 or uvu.edu/asd). Academic Accommodations are granted for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by the Accessibility Services Department.

Academic Dishonesty:

The Statement from the UVSC “Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Code“ reads: “Each student is expected to maintain academic ethics and avoid dishonesty in all its forms, including but not limited to, cheating and plagiarism, and fabrication as defined hereafter.” 

With respect to this particular class plagiarism refers to knowingly copying another person’s work or ideas and calling them one’s own or not giving proper credit or citation. This covers copying sections or entire papers from printed or electronic sources as well as handing in papers written by students for other classes or purchasing academic papers. Plagiarism and cheating are not only dishonest but they cheat you out of learning. You must submit your own work in this course.

The consequences for academic dishonesty are grave. The penalty for a first offense in an F for the assignment; a second offense means that you fail the course and will be reported to the Department Chair and to Student Advising. If you have any questions about plagiarism, please talk to me.

This syllabus may be changed to accommodate the needs of the students or the instructor.