ENGL 2010:
Intermediate writing in the humanities and social sciences

The UVU course catalog states that ENGL 2010 explores interfaces between the personal and the public and invoked problems for exploration. The course also emphasizes the production of well-reasoned and carefully researched written arguments that embody the spirit of inquiry, explore and interrogate multiple perspectives, and negotiate meanings across a diverse array of positions. Course work includes a research project (broken up into two shorter papers, an annotated bibliography, and a final research-based paper), in-class writings, and collaboration.

Upon completion of this course students should be proficient in the following four areas:

  1. Rhetorical Knowledge: students use the elements of argument in an exemplary manner; students distinguish between types of evidence and understand their appeal to different audiences; students understand how genres shape reading and writing.

  2. Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing: students understand a research assignment as a series of tasks, including research questions, conducting preliminary research to refine the thesis, collecting, evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing appropriate research data and sources; students represent fairly and refute and/or concede to opposing arguments.

  3. Processes: students understand the value of of peer collaboration and the social aspects of writing processes; students use multiple drafts and revise successful texts; students consistently apply flexible generating, revising, and proofreading strategies.

  4. Knowledge of Conventions: students document their work in an exemplary manner and produce paper manuscripts in MLA style; students produce work free of editing errors.

Fall 2013:

SecTion 8 (TR 8:30-9:45), GT 621

Section 18 (TR 10-11:15) SA 305       

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