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The table below contains the complete weekly schedule for assignments and readings. Written assignments are due at the beginning of class; readings are to be prepared outside of class--please read all materials carefully, underline important sections, and always bring our textbook to class.

Note that the schedule may change due to instructor or class needs; please check it before each class period and keep track of any changes.



Reading due

Writing due

Wed May 6


In-class writing diagnostic

Fri May 8

"E-mail," pp. 266-271
"Smart Reading," pp. 317-324
Noonan, "We Need to Talk," pp. 7-8


Mon May 11

 Rodriguez, "Strange Tools," pp. 20-25
 "Position Paper," pp. 260-265

 E-mail assignment

Wed May 13

"Narrative," pp. 4-31
Discussion/brainstorm paper #1

 PP Rodriguez

Fri May 15

 "High, Middle, and Low Style," pp. 366-373

 Outline paper #1

Mon May 18

"Inclusive and Culturally Sensitive Style," pp.  374-377
"Revising Your Own Work," pp. 386-389
"Peer Editing," pp. 392-395

 Paper #1

Wed May 20

 Stevenson, "Ad Report Card," pp. 225-227

Revision of paper #1
PP Stevenson

Fri May 22

Nance, "A Mockery of Justice," pp. 236-240
Hailey, "The Die Hard Trailer," pp. 241-244

PP Nance or Hailey

Mon May 25

No class

Memorial Day

Wed May 27

 "Rhetorical Analysis," pp. 222-244

1. Read entire magazine slowly
2. Pick your "text"
3. Photocopy it
4. Bring photocopy to class
5. Revise/resubmit PP from last week if you did not turn it in last Friday

Fri May 29

"Vigorous, Clear, Economical Style," pp. 378-383

Topic/outline for paper #2

Mon June 1

 "Shaping and Drafting." pp. 336-363

Paper #2
Revision of paper #1

Wed June 3

 Re-read "Shaping and Drafting" and "Rhetorical Analysis"

Revision of paper #2

Fri June 5

 Williams, "Why I Hate Britney"

PP Williams

Mon June 8

 Daly, "A Call to Action"
Topics for Research Papers
"Argument," pp. 68-83

PP Daly

Wed June 10

 "Argument," pp. 84-90

Topic for paper #3

Fri June 12

***Meet in LI 206 (New Library)***
"Beginning Your Research," pp. 400-405
"Finding Print and Online Sources," pp. 406-411
"Evaluating Sources," pp. 415-419

 Revision of paper #2 due
(turn in previous draft too)

Mon June 15

 "Summarizing Sources," pp. 424-427
"Paraphrasing Sources," pp. 428-430
"Integrating Sources," pp. 431-434

Source #1 + #2
PP both sources

Wed June 17

"Documenting Sources," pp. 435-436
"MLA Documentation and Format," pp. 437-473
"2009 MLA Update"

First draft of Paper #3 due in class

Fri June 19


Second draft of Paper #3 due to teacher

Mon June 22

"Oral Report," pp. 298-304
Revision of paper #3


Wed June 24

 Final Exam

Final draft/revision of paper #3 due to teacher
Final exam: three-minute informal presentation